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31st-Dec-2020 11:59 pm Ø HMD


As a roleplayer I think it's important for me to gain constructive criticism in order to improve! So if you have any problems, questions or concerns with how I play Raven then please let me know! Seriously, you'll get a result if you come and tell me here. If you want to be a major help, provide links to the posts you feel there is a problem with.

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31st-Dec-2020 11:57 pm Appointments Post
"We can have special sharin' time later."

Do you need a certain Old Man for something? Is it something minor or would usually be handwaved? Then it can go here! You can also leave messages for him to get back to, or not get back to, you know how lazy Raven can be.

Mark accordingly! Action, Voice and Written are all avaliable. For example:
[Voice, Dec 31]
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13th-Aug-2012 06:27 pm ♐ 013 // [Action | Voice]
[It's such a lovely day in Luceti that Raven thought it would be quite nice to take the time to cook something new for his fellow housemates. Not out of generosity mind you, more out of sheer boredom since he had no intention of eating it himself. After flicking through the recipe books he had settled on making a refreshing coconut flavoured sorbet.

However, he wasn't expecting coconuts to be this difficult to work with and had no idea how to get it open. After struggling with a knife for twenty minutes he decided that it was going to take more extreme measures to get through it's deceptively furry shell. Using his bow he placed a magic spell into the ground, then jumped back and threw the coconut at it. As a result, the coconut exploded into little pieces and splattered across the front yard, not exactly what he was going for.]

That's it, I give up! [He sighed and scratched his head, he didn't want to waste the nice weather so he needed a new idea. So he decided to grab his journal and ask. Might as well clean up the mess he made too, thinking that maybe he should have just gone to the store to get a hammer instead of being so lazy about it.]

Alright, I'm tryin' ta make a nice summery dessert and I need some suggestions! I'm thinkin' something exotic? Ya know, the kind that screams a nice hot day at the beach? Sorbet, ice cream, parfait, all the stuff I hate eatin' myself and really I don't know all that much about.
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14th-Apr-2012 06:16 pm ♐ 012 // [Voice]
[Raven blows onto the journal, then wipes it with his hand, flicking through the pages to find out when the last time he bothered to make an entry with it was. He sighs, has it really been that long? Even thinking about how long he's been in Luceti for any extended period of time is depressing enough for him.]

If I didn't know any better I'd say this thing was startin' ta gather dust.

For those that hadn't noticed yet, Estelle was sent back home a few days ago. I don't know when exactly, but all her things are gone
[He pauses for a moment. House 12 is really quiet now compared to how it used to be. Of course he cared about the princess, he cared about everyone from their world, he's just finding it weird to see them all going home after so long whilst leaving him behind.]

Anyway! She used ta work in the library here and left some stuff regardin' it behind, or ta be more specific, she left a set of instructions on how ta sort the books as well as a set of keys. From the look of it I guess she wanted someone to take the care of the place if she ever got sent home, and considerin' she was working there long before I showed up then it must've meant a lot to her. I can pass the stuff over to anyone who's interested, just let me know! It's not gonna go anywhere by itself.

Oh, and if this old man's memory isn't failin' him again, which it does a lot, she also had a book club goin'. Books aren't really my thing though, if someone wants to start that up again then feel free. 

That's about it! I got nothin' else worth sayin', wake me up when it's hot enough for the women to break out the swimsuits.

[Filtered to Zack | He's not even trying with this filter]

Considering Yuri's been gone a while now, have ya got any ideas on what ta do with the guild?
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9th-Dec-2011 11:09 pm ♐ 011 // [Voice]
[It was late in the afternoon and seeing as Flynn hadn't emerged from his room all day, Raven decided to invite himself inside. He wasn't expecting it to be completely bare. It took him by surprise for a moment. Flynn had been in Luceti for as long as he could recall, to suddenly disappear like this after all this time, it could be said that he felt genuinely sad by his absence.]

Hey, listen up for a minute would ya? [He really didn't want to do this, but someone had to and he knew once Yuri found out then he was likely to need some time to himself.]

Turns out Flynn Scifo's been sent home, all his stuff is gone. [Raven paused for a moment, so many from his world had been sent home these past few months, it was becoming hard not to feel discouraged by it all.] That's about it. Sorry ta anyone who knew him.
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11th-Oct-2011 04:45 pm ♐ 010 // [Voice]
Ya know, I'm gonna skip straight ta the point. Anyone care ta tell this old man what the date is? Last time I was here it was somethin' like August.

[He pauses for a minute. August sounded right to him, but it had been an exceptionally long time since he'd last been here. Was August even a legitimate month, it wasn't native to his calendar. He wasn't even certain if this is how you use the journal properly. It had been several months for him and his memory isn't very kind.]

Actually, is anyone I know even around anymore? I've got no idea how long it's been. Just when I thought I'd finally gotten rid of this place.
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9th-Aug-2011 04:46 pm ♐ 009 // [Voice]
Cut for emo. )

[The following is directed to house 12 more than anything.]

I'm gonna need some time to myself for a while, so I'm leavin' the house. I'll be back soon though, take care of the garden for me.

[Filtered to Buffy | Unhackable]

I was ignorant, sorry.
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12th-Jul-2011 07:14 pm ♐ 008 // [Action | Voice]
[Raven is sitting on the grass in the back yard of House 12, looking at a large patch of fire lilies that have grown. He knew he must've planted them at some point in the past, because they had always reminded him of her. It was still strange to see so many growing in what was otherwise a relatively empty garden.]

Ya know, with Jack showin' up again so quickly, Old Raven has been thinkin'. If the me that was here before was pulled into Luceti from a point that's in my future, and I'm from his past, but I'm in Luceti's future... Then did he know all along what was gonna happen in Luceti, because he remembered it all from me? Or did he just arrive like the rest of the New Feathers tend to do? If that's the case, then it means when I do go home, I'm goin' ta forget everyone I've met here... Oh! Maybe he was from some kinda alternate timeline, and I will remember stuff?

[He stops rambling, letting out a huge sigh.] I just realized that I'm sitting here by myself, talkin' to a bunch of flowers... I'm losin' it, really! I'm goin' insane, this is the proof! The flowers are telling me things! [And with that, he throws himself backwards, arms stretched wide as he laid down, staring up at the sky.]

Or maybe I'm just wonderin' what's going on back home. Gah! I'm not the type to be homesick! I need to do something! Anything!
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9th-Apr-2011 03:05 pm ♐ 007 // [Voice]
[As it's raining today, the old man has decided to do what he usually does, get drunk out of boredom. But it has been a while since he's used the journal for anything other than people watching, so he figured he should probably contribute to that mess that we call social interaction. He's been trying to figure out what he was doing the last time he was in Luceti, he must've entertained himself somehow. He did gardening.]

How do you guys stop yerselves from gettin' so bored in this place? Not that I mind the peace and quiet we get when we're not bein' experimented on! It's just that some of you must've picked up new hobbies, ones that don't involve spendin' every day at the battle dome, right? Us old folk just aren't cut out fer that sorta thing. Drinkin' alcohol every day isn't a very healthy hobby ta have.

[A pause while he pours himself another class of wine.]

A turtle did suggest that I take up a musical instrument now that I think about it.
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[Love, love, love love love, love love, love love... that's all that's being thrown across the journals today. Raven recalled some weird blue guy mentioning Valentine's Day back during that perv fest. So at first he just thought that he'd just ignore it, but he thought of all the gorgeous women in Luceti... then he thought of her... and it went all downhill from that point onwards.  As much as Raven enjoys flirting with women, if this is a ~*special day of true love*~ then he should probably go and see the one woman he does genuinely care for. No matter how much he tried to talk himself out of it, he knew he'd regret it if he didn't.

He fumbled around his room for a while, thinking of what to take her as a gift. Seeing as Luceti doesn't have her favourite type of flower, and he didn't want to make it look like he was trying to flirt, he decided on something quite sneaky instead. Not a gift in the sense of "here have a present on Valentine's Day!" but something more subtle.

So here he is knocking on her door, hoping a certain douchebag isn't home.]

[OOC: They're both unaffected by this event too! Hooray, we're awful people.]
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