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Luceti Hot Springs

Note: If you came here from the locations page then the build of the bath house is still the same. Raven is no longer in Luceti however, so if your character would like to take over the bath house please feel free to shoot me a PM or ask the mods about it!

Back in March 2010, Raven gathered a group of people together and they went and built a Bath House at the hot springs. They basically plagiarised the Yumaju hot springs from Tales of Vesperia since that's the only hot springs Raven is actually familiar with. Raven himself tends to the Bath House and Hot Spring once or twice a month to keep it nice and clean.

If you're unfamiliar with a traditional Japanese hot spring, otherwise known as onsen, then these links might help!

These images are to serve as a guideline, the bath house is not identical to them, but the basic layout is the same (as in the seperate changing rooms and a partition in the spring). If you have any questions then please feel free to ask!

The Building

The building itself is quite large, it's styled with the traditional Japanese aesthetics. The front doors are never locked and it's difficult to sneak around the back due to tall fences put in place. If you did want to get around the back you would have to climb over the rocks and take the long way around, and this is in the mountains, you don't want to slip.

The Main Hall

The main hall is a bit smaller than this (in length not width, the width is the same due to the changing rooms) and there's no giant lantern in the middle. It does however contain everything you need to use the springs, such as robes, towels, shampoo, etc. You just have to help yourself to whatever you need before you go into the changing rooms! No food is kept here, however, there are bottles of wine in a cooler that you're free to drink. There's also juice for those who are underage.

The male changing rooms are behind the blue curtain on the left.
The female changing rooms are behind the red curtain on the right.
The changing rooms have the gender written on either side of them, Luceti automatically translates the signs so you have no excuse to sneak into the wrong room.

Male Changing Room

When you enter the changing room make sure to take off your shoes, there are slippers provided. In the middle of the room there are around 12 baskets in which you can put your clothes and belongings into. Here's a photograph example. There's also a miniature garden to the left, it's mostly a scenic thing. There are small sinks and a mirror so you can make yourself presentable.

Female Changing Room

Basically the same as the male changing room, there's no garden but there is a larger mirror and a set of scales. In the corner there's a box of incense sticks that smell very nice indeed.

Hot Springs - Male side

Before you're allowed to get into the spring itself you're required to wash yourself first. There are fresh water taps, buckets and sponges provided to make yourself clean. You have the choice of whether you want to go into the spring naked or in a swimsuit, either is fine (just make sure it's fine with whoever you came with)! There are lanterns for those who want go into the spring during the darker hours.

The privacy partition itself extends further towards the rocks (it doesn't in this screenshot) so that there is no physical view of the women's side at all. And as much as Raven would like it, there is no hole in the partition :( You can however slide the partition back a fair bit if you for some reason want a shared pool.

Hot Springs - Female side

The female side is similar to the male side. However, there is a small waterfall to which the spring is supplied (to the opposite side of the partition), and slightly more flowers to make it look a bit prettier. Women are advised to keep an eye on the rocks behind in case of stray perverts, some are just that persistant.

When you get out of the hot spring make sure to wash yourself down again before entering the changing room!